Musubo Eden iPhone 4/4s Case

Musubo is a company that focuses on both style and function and tries to seamlessly merge them into a beautifully designed case. Reflecting the genuine beauty found only in the primeval garden, Musubo's Eden Case for iPhone 4/4S is absolutely stunning.

It’s actually made of 2 separate pieces that combine together. The inner colored piece is actually a separate piece made of soft silicone rubber and helps cushion the iPhone when dropped. It also keeps the back glass portion of the iPhone from touching the plastic portion of the case, which also keeps it from accidental scratches. 

Musubo Eden iPhone 4/4S case, which has a very leafy design thanks to its name, it has enough padded cushion thanks to the rubbery material of the inner casing while the plastic made skeleton allows for quick access to certain buttons and ports. The Eden is made of polycarbonate plastic, which is what most really strong hard cases are made from, and coated in a glossy white finish. An added feature is the folding video stand for on-the-go entertainment.

Model Numbers:

  • MU11008BK (Black)
  • MU11008GN (Green)
  • MU11008PE (Purple)
  • MU11008WE (White)

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