Musubo Commando Series iPhone 5/5s Case

The exterior case is made of high quality polycarbonate materials that offer the best safeguard possible. The inner case is made of ultra-durable silicone giving double security. The USB and earphone points have a special soft cover, designed to prevent dust invasion.

The Musubo Commando Series is reinforced silicone at the corners. When the device is knocked or dropped, the curved notches distribute the energy in multiple directions, reducing impact on the device. The special frame holding design massively increases grip that helps prevent the user from dropping the device. There is also a raised edge around the screen to protect it should the device be dropped.

Package includes:

  • Screen protectors and micro fiber cloth
  • Foldable video stand

Model Numbers:

  • MU11027OE (Olive)
  • MU11027KI (Khaki)
  • MU11027BE (Blue)


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