Logistics and Fulfillment

Reliance provides an unparalleled quality of products, services and integrated distribution solutions. State-of-the-art inventory tracking, rapid order processing, and quick, efficient delivery methods put the latest wireless devices into your store when you need them.

Reliance has a diverse support team comprised of experienced individuals from all sectors
of the wireless industry to serve your needs

  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • IMEI, MEID and ESN Recording
  • Software Updates
  • Kitting, including clamshells for prepaid
  • Packaging and Repackaging
  • Carrier Shipment Compliance
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Electronic Heat Sealer 


RF Sealing: Blister Sealing and Clam Shell Packaging

Our equipment is used to create many different types of packaging including clam shell packaging and two piece blister seal packages. The flexibility of this packaging equipment allows it to be customized to meet with the customers' specifications by adding features such as Programmable Logic Controllers ("PLC," our patented PLC equipped system with controlled loop feedback for real time power control), with automatic power control capability, shuttles, turntables, and a variety of other equipment. All of these custom additions are geared towards increasing our customers' productivity.