Reliance Communications RMA Policy

Effective 02/16/16


  1. Returned phones must include a dated copy of both the original customer sales receipt, and customer return receipt.   The receipts must contain matching ESN information, and ESN must correlate with the returned phone.
  2. Agent/Retailer acknowledges product for return has been processed and cleared through Verizon’s Return Process Control (RPC).  In the event it is determined returned product has not been processed through RPC, it will be sent back to Agent/Retailer.
  3. Devices containing Android 5.1 (Lollipop) have a new device protection security feature.  Reliance reserves the right to reject the warranty of any Android 5.1 devices with this type of protection still active on the phone.                    
  4. Phones returned outside of the Verizon 14 day “Worry Free” return policy, with no trouble found (NTF) upon inspection, will be repackaged as a “Carrier Return”, incur a $35 handling fee, and be returned to the customer.                               
  5. Agent's RMA must be submitted within 120 days of invoiced product from Reliance.                               
  6. Original or same model box/packaging must be used for return ***                
  7. In case of a box mismatch, the correct ESN information must be affixed to the outside of the box. 
  8. Original contents must be in "like new" condition and components (not broken/missing) must be included with return.
  9. Devices determined to be customer abuse will be returned ***
  10. Handset must have been purchased from Reliance Communications.
  11. Please Do NOT deduct ANY CREDITS until a Credit Memo has been issued.
  12. All Information MUST be filled in below.
  13.  All completed RMAs must be emailed to
  14. The proper RMA #/barcode MUST be clearly noted on the outside of the return in order for the return to be accepted upon delivery. (Please see the "Return Box Label" tab)                           
  15. All authorized returns are required to arrive at Reliance's facility within 2 weeks from date the RMA # is issued.                     


***Note:  The following situations will be considered "Customer Abuse" and will be returned

  • Broken or cracked phone display/lens
  • Deep scratches on phone display/lens
  • Indentations or any type of damage to the phone casing
  • Liquid or water damage to the phone
  • Gaps or separations of the lens to the casing of the phone
  • Damaged or missing parts such as battery, battery covers, chargers, etc.


Return tracking is required. If devices are not received, RMA will expire and a new RMA # will be required for return.                   


Phones will not be processed without proper documentation.                   

Thank you